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Max Reger
1873 - 1916

Max Reger was a pupil of Hugo Riemann from 1890. After a stay in Wiesbaden, where he taught composition at the conservatory, he returned to his parents' house in Weiden in 1898 and composed, among other works, chamber music and songs. From 1901 in Munich, where he wrote the Sinfonietta in A and the Serenade in G. In 1907 he went to Leipzig as a composition teacher and music director. 1908 he was made a Dr Phil hc of Jena university. As a piano virtuoso, Reger composed major piano works such as the Bach variations op.81 and the Piano Concerto in F minor op.114. Wrote works in all genres except opera. Most important innovator of Protestant church music at the beginning of the 20th century.
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